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STEM Accelerates Girls' Excellence

To promote the STEM education of girls.
To encourage their pursuit of higher achievements.
To build confidence.

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about us

STEM Accelerates Girls' Excellence (SAGE) combats the global gender gap in STEM by offering free resources and online classes to accelerate girls' engagement and excellence in the STEM field.


Since July of 2020, SAGE has reached 1500+ students and established a team of 15+ members and 80+ instructors across eight countries, including America, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, and China. 


Our teachers are from the USA, Canada, and New Zealand, and we are so excited to continue to grow.

Last Updated September 2023

Class Feedback

“She never learned physics before. In the beginning, I had worries about whether she can understand the lesson. But to my surprise, she loves the lesson, learnt a lot and now physics is her most favorite subject. ”



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